Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm (we're) baaaaaack!!

So, 10 months later I've decided to jump back into this whole "Mommyblogging" thing. (Ugh. HATE the word "mommyblogger"...it conjures up visions of ladies with $500 strollers in thier Juicy sweatpants ignoring thier children's cries for attention while they sit at the computer and spew out thier opinion on Baby Uggs and formula use.) But: that is what this is, and I've been inspired by the lady I would marry if I was a lesbian and we both were single; Heather Armstrong. She wrote a brilliant book on baby-having that had me in tears the first couple weeks of Liam's life (which was really, really not a hard feat to accomplish...) as I read her brilliantness and cried out "Oh! I KNOW! I KNOW! Oh! THIS is my life!" and she hosts a website www.dooce.com that I follow everyday because she makes me laugh everyday. She also takes amazing photographs, and basically, if she ever gets into cake-making she'll be my all-time idle. If someone ever asks the question "What person, dead or alive, would you most want to sit down and have a drink with" my answer would be "Heather Armstrong"...as long as my Mom/dadstill living!! Heather's been on Oprah . If she were Canadian she would have won the Stanley Cup and owned Molson breweries (but I would only like her for the beer thing).

So back I am. I know no one really reads this except my Mom and Dad (thanks Mom & Dad) but it's sort of theraputic and if it sits out in Internet World for eternity or whatever...well, maybe Liam will read it one day, or maybe it will become lucrative when I become a famous cake maker and people will say: "Oh! The famous cake-maker/photographer extrordnaire Raeghan Howard Judge has a MommyBlog (barf) and we should advertise our stuff on it!! She doesn't spell very well and she sort of gives out way too much information, but her cakes and photos are great!"...

...or not. Maybe Liam will just go: "My Mom's such a dork"

...or I'll look back and go: "I had waaaay too much time on my hands with 1 kid."

So, as I re-enter the workforce because my cake-making and photo-taking talents have yet to be refined i figured I'll start blogging again since well, you know, a kid and part-time work isn't enough to do.

And no, it's NOT cuz I'm pregnant again.