Friday, March 27, 2009

Does this mean I can no longer have a fried persian for breakfast??

I'm not sure why I didn't think I'd end up with gestational diabetes given my genetics (and, ummm, maybe some bad eating habits, occasionally...) but, I didn't really.

Not that I "officially" have it -yet- but I've been told to go and see the Diabetes Health people and to watch my (sniff) sugar intake, based on my blood glucose tolerance test and my family's health history... good-bye Sugar, I will miss the time we've spent together. I assume I will see you (and Beer) the moment beloved child leaves my womb. (This is a hint to bring sugar and beer to Labour and Delivery to all those that will be there.) help with breastfeeding of course.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Luckily She's Really Nice, Too...

Congratulations to my friends Jana and Pete who had a baby girl -Joely Ella Margaret Angus - on March 11th!!

Here's a picture of Jana walking with Joely in Elliot Lake (where they live). Yes, that's Jana, only mere days after giving birth, looking as if she was never even pregnant in the first place.

Umm Hmm. Luckily she's really nice or else us fat pregnant ladies would have to hate her.

...did I mention she also gave birth on her due date, exactly?? I bet it didn't even hurt, did Jana??

But I really am very happy for them and not as bitter as I sound!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The "Reality" of birth

Everyday I watch "A Baby Story" from 2-4pm on TLC...and everyday I am horrified at the labour part and than I weep when the baby is (finally) born.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Almost 6 months

Here's some pictures taken when I was about 6 months from the photography course I took in Jan/Feb...we were practising portraiture with classic butterfly lighting...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Your days of leisure and sleeping in are OVER, lady!!

The other day Brenden and I were having a nice little sleep-in cuddle (enjoying our last weeks of "freedom and irresponsibility") and we were spooning with his back to mine. As usual, the baby was kicking up a storm (it does this late-night and early morning - basically mostly at times when it would be really nice to sleep- to remind me that it is now in control of my leisure time.)...and suddenly Brenden turns over and says: "Uhhhh! I can't sleeeeep. The baby keeps kicking me in the back!"

Oh. Poor Daddy. Did the baby kick you once in the back?? Awwwww...

Try having it pummel you in the gut/bladder/ribs every time you want to sleep/watch tv/eat chocolate/watch a movie in the theatre/update your blog...

But, obviously, I am grateful for every kick in the gut. It just makes it more clearly understood that this baby is already it's own person even though it's still technically a part of me!

And as for the location of that placenta, as of my latest dr. appointment (yesterday) it is still covering the baby's exit out of my uterus...but no c-section appointment has been made yet, and no bleeding has occurred!

I'm getting VERY large for the "cute" 6-months pregnant stage...I look the same as my friend Jana who is currently 39 weeks!

Scary! Here comes PREGZILLA!