Thursday, March 5, 2009

Your days of leisure and sleeping in are OVER, lady!!

The other day Brenden and I were having a nice little sleep-in cuddle (enjoying our last weeks of "freedom and irresponsibility") and we were spooning with his back to mine. As usual, the baby was kicking up a storm (it does this late-night and early morning - basically mostly at times when it would be really nice to sleep- to remind me that it is now in control of my leisure time.)...and suddenly Brenden turns over and says: "Uhhhh! I can't sleeeeep. The baby keeps kicking me in the back!"

Oh. Poor Daddy. Did the baby kick you once in the back?? Awwwww...

Try having it pummel you in the gut/bladder/ribs every time you want to sleep/watch tv/eat chocolate/watch a movie in the theatre/update your blog...

But, obviously, I am grateful for every kick in the gut. It just makes it more clearly understood that this baby is already it's own person even though it's still technically a part of me!

And as for the location of that placenta, as of my latest dr. appointment (yesterday) it is still covering the baby's exit out of my uterus...but no c-section appointment has been made yet, and no bleeding has occurred!

I'm getting VERY large for the "cute" 6-months pregnant stage...I look the same as my friend Jana who is currently 39 weeks!

Scary! Here comes PREGZILLA!

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