Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Shocking and Horrifying News from the Doctor!

Brace yourself.

Doctor Fulford informed me of something today...

She said that before pregnancy she had size 6 feet. After pregnancy her feet had grown - permanently - to a size 8!!!

This could happen to me.

My beautiful, dainty size 7's could expand permanently to 8's or...9's!!!

What would happen to all my lovelies?? (My shoes)...

I will have to have A Great Shoe Sale.

...Good news for all you friends/family members with size 7's!
In the meantime I will wish and hope for a happy, healthy baby. And non-expansion of my pretty lil' tootsies!!

(No matter what, no one will ever get me Choos - I would sooner bronze them like a baby-bootie than sell them.)

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