Friday, April 24, 2009

...And I Don't Really Even Like Change...

Within a month I have "retired" from the job I've held throughout the last 7 years of my 20' leaving my 20's and turning 30...and am having a baby for the first time.

But I can't have any alcohol, chocolate, or even a nice - relaxing - sauna in order to deal with these big changes.

And God forbid I don't get up at least 3 times a night to pee (thus, not being able to actually sleep through the night before I'm forced not-to).

So this is why women-folk got pregant earlier in the olden they could turn 30 with the aid of alcohol & chocolate!


Anonymous said...

that's a lot of change ... but all good change, so that's good! Hope the 30s are as good as the 20s my friend!
And congrats on the retirement! Never thought I'd congratulate you, and your mom on retirement in the same month!!
i'll be in touch for our 'late pregnancy, post knee surgery hang out'!


Asil Designs said... make getting old sound sooo terrible! Lol
I miss you so much and hope your feeling O.K. Rob just told us the other day that you were finished at now what are you doing with all your time?
Take pics of the baby room I can't wait to see it!!!
All My Love

Jana said...

Enjoy retirement!!! I am...!!! Sure there won't be any Jimmy Choo shoes in our near future (if it makes you feel better...Service Canada isn't servicing me at all...losers)...but just think of that fabulous bundle that you're carrying...he/she will be sooooo worth it!
PS...Don'tchya hate it when people say..."Get your rest now!" I sleep FAR better now that the baby is out, than I did when I was preggo...FOR REAL!