Friday, April 3, 2009

Pregnant and "Barefoot"...

Someone stole my favorite preggers boots from outside the Maternity Centre.

They were my favorite, slip-on go-to boots that I wore all winter as I could almost get them on all by myself without grunting too much or help from Brenden.

And now, they are gone. The Maternity Centre makes you take off your shoes outside the door (lest they dirty the baby-friendly floor), but there is a clearly marked sign; Maternity Centre by the removed shoes that clearly indicates that they belong to pregnant ladies/new mothers.

So who, I ask, steals shoes from pregnant shoe-lovers??

When or if I ever find out, I assure you they will regret taking mine...and let them hope it's not when I still have all these hormones surging through me (see previous entry re: dreaming about stabbing my husband...)

I tell you, this baby better come out far I've given up beer, sushi, sugar, sleep and shoes for it, and most of you are aware these are most of my favorite things.

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