Monday, January 26, 2009

20 week ultrasound...

It looks like a boy. (Not because anyone with training or authority told me so, but it looks like one to me. ...and Brenden and I are convinced the tech made a "gender" slip by saying (maybe) "and that's his such and such...)

I'll deal.

This ultrasound was amazing!! I'd be like (in my head) 'Ohhhh...look at it's cute feet!' And the tech would be like (out loud): ..."and that's the kidneys."

Or what I thought was the skull still had changed to it's lips and nose...which, by the way, look perfect. ...skull-like, but perfect!!


Lisa Boland said...

YAY....You fixed it!!!

raegybabymomma said...

I didn't even do anything?!