Saturday, January 10, 2009

"WHEN'S your due date??!!"

This happens to me several times a day:

I see a semi-stranger/family member/good friend/co-worker/Madhouse regular staring at my belly in my shirt (that I put on to cleverly disguise it's unnaturally large size)...then they ask one of 2 questions:
"How far along are you??" or "When is your due-date??" and I answer, knowing what is next coming out of thier mouth: "4 1/2 Months??!! (or; JUNE??!!)'re going to be HUGE!!! (Or: Are you sure you're not having twins??!!)'re already SO big!!!!!!"

It's acceptable from close friends & family, but this is not the type of honesty I prefer from strangers or Madhouse regulars. The only comments that I should hear from them is about how cute/glowing/radiant/adorable I look pregnant. Warning: people are very honest to pregnant people when they should obvioulsy be protected from the chubby truth.

Oh, and one more thing: I recently read an article in In Touch Weekly (an obviously reliable source of information...) about a 7 foot woman in India who gave birth to a 22 lb baby.

...Brenden's 6'8"...4 inches shorter...

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